Developing arguments about earthquakes: Earthquake Machine Lite Activity 2


In this activity students use a mechanical fault model to collect empirical data, develop logical arguments about earthquake re-occurrence, and skeptical review other groups arguments.


Grades 5 to 12


125 Minutes


  1. Explain earthquakes as a part of the natural Earth System
  2. Describe the global trends for earthquake occurrence and size
  3. Students will be able to interpret a Gutenberg Richter plot (Frequency vs Magnitude)
  4. Critically analyze data generated by the Earthquake Machine and use the data to develop a position
  5. Describe the role sharing of science results with peers plays an important part of the science process.

Supporting Resources

Prior to instruction

Before using this activity, it is recommended that you use EQ Machine Lite Activity 1 to introduce the model and its assumption to the students.