GSN Network Operations

The GSN provides funding to two Network Operators:



U.S. Geological Survey's Albuquerque Seismological Laboratory (~2/3 of the GSN)

The USGS partnership on the GSN is very valuable and successful.  Through this partnership, IRIS funds the installations, upgrades and major capital improvements of the USGS portion of the GSN (~90 stations) while the USGS takes responsibility for the operations and maintenance of the network.  In addition, the USGS funded the installation and O&M of the Caribbean seismic network (9 stations), a network affiliate to the GSN.



Project IDA (International Deployment of Accelerometers), operated by the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego (~1/3 of the GSN)

Project IDA is funded by IRIS for the installation, upgrades, operations and maintenance of the IDA portion of the GSN (~40 stations).  IRIS Data Services also funds the IDA Data Collection Center. 



In addition, GSN coordinates and collaborates with many other Network Operators, nationally and internationally, including:

AFTAC:  (Arrays ILAR, NVAR, PDAR, and TXAR and Stations LBTB and VNDA)  Air Force Technical Applications Center, Patrick Air Force Base, Florida. AFTAC is home to the United States National Data Center (US NDC) 

Berkeley:  (Station CMB) Berkeley Seismological Laboratory, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, University of California, Berkeley

Caltech:  (Station PASC) Caltech Seismological Laboratory, Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences, California Institute of Technology

GEOFON: (Stations KBS, KMBO, LVC, PMG, and SFJD) Seismic Network branch of German GFZ program (GeoForschungsZentrum - Potsdam)

GEOSCOPE: (Stations KIP and TRIS).  The French GEOSCOPE program of the Institut de Physique du globe de Paris.

NIED:  National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention, Japan


As well as several other national and international networks.