Sabbaticals in Seismology

The Sabbaticals in Seismology (SIS) program, is designed to generate and sustain seismology research opportunities for undergraduate students at IRIS Educational Affiliate institutions where seismology content and research opportunities are rarely available. Beyond enabling opportunities for undergraduates, a geophysics research experience for Educational Affiliate faculty will greatly enrich faculty’s background knowledge of geophysics, which in turn, would greatly enhance their ability to present geophysics topics in the classes they teach at their home institutions.

Travel funding is available through the program for faculty at Educational Affiliate institutions to spend time working with a researcher at an IRIS member institution.

Spring 2005 SIS

Laura Wetzel , assistant professor of Marine Science at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL has been selected to serve as the inaugural candidate for the SIS program. Beginning in January, she will be hosted by Cliff Frohlich at the University of Texas at Austin, Institute for Geophysics to conduct research on Triple Junction Seismicity: Examining global correlations between triple junctions and earthquake locations, magnitudes, and faulting geometries. To maximize the impact of this opportunity, Laura has arranged for two Eckerd students will have an opportunity to participate in project, Heather Usle (2005 spring semester) and Alexis Clark (Summer 2005).