jAmaSeis is now available!
If you don't have your own educational seismometer, you can watch data from a nearby research station!
Download now!  http://www.iris.edu/hq/jamaseis

This software replaces the AmaSeis software that is currently being used in the Seismographs in Schools program. It is a significant advancement over what was previously available because it allows users to obtain data in real-time from either a local instrument or from remote stations. As a result, users without an instrument can utilize the software. Additionally, this software includes easy to use analysis tools for users to quickly extract and analyze data from either their recording device or remote data stream.


Stream View- The helicorder screen now has the flexibility to display up to three streams of data simultaneously. These can include a local educational seismometer, a remote educational seismometer over the jAmaseis network (in true real-time), or research-quality seismometers stored at the IRIS Data Management Center (in near real-time).



Computing Magnitude- For each stream, an event can be extracted allowing the user to pick amplitudes to calculate either a body wave or surface wave magnitude.


Computing Distance- For each stream, an event can be extracted allowing the user to pick arrivals
by double-clicking on the seismogram. A travel time curve is available to align the picks, and as the
seismogram is slid along the travel time curve, the numeric values update and a circle with the
appropriate radius is shown on the globe.


Event View- All of the analysis for an earthquake comes together in the event view. Multiple traces can be loaded, either from the stream view or from a sac file. All of the individual distance calculations are displayed in both table and map form in addition to the individual magnitude calculations. In this view, a user can make the final determination of the location and size of the earthquake.