Job Opening

PhD opportunity in Geophysics

Victoria University of Wellington

Posted: 08/18/2017

Open Until: 11/03/2017

Institution: Victoria University of Wellington 
Open Until: 2017-11-03

We are seeking students to apply for a Victoria University of Wellington Doctoral Scholarship by 1 November 2017. Apply at: 

For additional details, you may contact: 
Rupert Sutherland (rupert.sutherland<at>, or/and 
Tim Stern (tim.stern<at> 

Subduction zones are primary drivers of plate tectonics, but little is known about how they start. In February-March 2018, an international experiment will image the newly-forming subduction zone beneath southwest New Zealand using seismic methods. We are seeking a student with a strong background in geophysics and a sense of adventure. He or she would participate in deployment of land seismometers to record arrivals from an air-gun source towed behind a ship, and earthquakes. Analysis of offshore and onshore geophysical data will be used to determine crust and upper mantle structure, and hence better understand how subduction zones form. The project requires fieldwork in remote areas and may involve boats and helicopters. The project is collaborative with the University of Texas Institute for Geophysics, California Institute of Technology, and GNS Science. 


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