Colloquium Speakers

These speakers are available to present departmental seminars.


North East
Maureen Long Yale University Adventures in anisotropy: Constraints on mantle dynamics from seismological observations
Frederik Simons Princeton University Observing large earthquakes with space-based gravity measurements
Colleen Dalton Boston University Estimating mantle temperature and composition: Constraints from global seismic models
Samantha Hansen University of Alabama Seismic Investigations of the Tectonic Structure of Antarctica
Lara Wagner UNC Chapel Hill Seismic Constraints on the lithospheric structure of the South-Eastern United States
Anna Courtier James Madison University Implications for the Origin of Hawaiian Volcanism from a Converted Wave Analysis of the Mantle Transition Zone
Linda Warren Saint Louis University Deep Earthquakes, Slab Deformation, and Subduction Forces
Harmony Colella Miami University Complex characteristics of slow slip events and their influence on subduction zone dynamics in multi-cycle simulations
Caroline Beghein UCLA Seismic Anisotropy Changes Across Upper Mantle Phase Transitions: Constraints from Global Seismology.
Gavin Hayes USGS NEIC
  • The USGS Toolbox For Rapid Earthquake Response
  • The Creation and Applications of a Global Three Dimensional Subduction Zone Geometry Model - Slab1.0
Moira Pyle University of Utah Under the ice: A seismic study of Antarctica's crust
Jeffrey B. Johnson Boise State University Seismology in the atmosphere: Using infrasound to study volcanoes, thunder, and avalanches
Danielle Sumy USGS Pasadena
  • Tidal triggering of microearthquakes at 9°50'N East Pacific Rise
  • The mechanics of seismicity and faulting in the southern Gulf of California
David Heeszel Scripps-UC San Diego Seismic structure of Central and East Antarctica
Victor Tsai Caltech
  • Making Use of Ambient Seismic Noise
  • Arctic Mechanics: Studying the Interactions of Ice and Water
Eric M. Dunham Stanford University Seismic Signals in Volcanic Eruptions