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Magnitude 7.9 - Rat Islands, Aleutian Islands, Alaska

Key Announcements

Download Plenary Presentations from the IRIS Workshop
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David Simpson Fund for Innovation Launched
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Two Universities Join IRIS as Foreign Affiliate Members
IRIS is pleased to welcome two new Foreign Affiliates during May, the University of Oxford and the Tokyo Institute of Technology.
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IRIS Project Associate Andy Frassetto Blogs about Inspiration from USArray
The Bridge, one of the American Geophysical Union's blogs, invited Andy Frassetto to share his thoughts on how EarthScope and USArray are inspiring the next generation of seismologists.
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Watch Seismologists Install a Seismic Station in Antarctica
A team of seismologists recorded a few short videos as they deployed a seismic station in the Transantarctic Mountains.
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Thirty years ago, on May 8, 1984, the Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology was formally certified as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation in the State of Delaware, organized exclusively for educational and scientific purposes.
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IRIS Bids Farewell to PASSCAL Program Manager James Gridley
James Gridley will be leaving IRIS to join Pinnacle, part of Halliburton, as the company’s Geophysics Adviser and Chief Technical Adviser in their largest production service line, Production Enhancement.
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New Animations Focus on Megathrust Earthquakes and Alaska
In recognition of the 50th anniversary of the magnitude 9.2 Great Alaska Earthquake of March 27, 1964, IRIS offers a set of three animations made in collaboration with the U.S. Geological Survey and the Alaska Earthquake Center.
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PASSCAL/Flex Array Experiments RSS

The project is an active-source and broadband, onshore and offshore seismic experiment that is focused on the East Coast margin around Cape Hatteras... Read more

Ross Ice Shelf (RIS)
We will deploy 18 autonomous broadband seismographs provided by the IRIS PASSCAL program for two continuous years on the Ross Ice Shelf (RIS) between Ross Island and MBL to constrain the mantle structure and dynamics of the Ross Sea Embayment... Read more

Ocean gravity waves are dynamic, changeable elements of the global ocean environment, affected by ocean warming and changes in ocean and atmospheric circulation patterns... Read more

Collaborative experiments with NodalSeismic and Nanometrics to conduct a mix phase array of continuous recorded nodes with broadband sensors. Read more

Map of PASSCAL Experiments
Current and future experiments.

EarthScope / USArray Status

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