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Magnitude 7.3 - Nepal

Key Announcements

IRIS and UNAVCO Boards of Directors Submit ‘Guiding Principles’ Letter to NSF
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NSF Issues ‘Dear Colleague’ Letter About the SAGE and GAGE Recompetition
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Update from IRIS President Bob Detrick – March 2015
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Donate to the David Simpson Fund for Innovation
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Hundreds of Sensors Deployed to Image Socorro Magma Body
PASSCAL staff assisted Principal Investigators with the installation of hundreds of sensors to image the Socorro Magma Body beneath the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge in central New Mexico.
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USArray Featured in Canada’s Leading Newspaper
The article in The Globe and Mail highlights how data from EarthScope seismic stations in the US and Canada are being used to better understand the structure of the North American continent.
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IRIS Data Services Announces New Global Empirical Green’s Tensor Database
A nested global empirical Green’s tensor (EGT) database derived from three-component continuous data at global, continental and local length scales is now available.
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Access the Special Event Page for Information About the Magnitude 7.8 Earthquake in Nepal
The IRIS Data Management Center has created a Special Event web page that provides direct links to and images of data and materials available from IRIS programs and preliminary research results from the seismology community.
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Program Alumni Receive NSF Graduate Research Fellowships and Honorable Mentions
Former IRIS interns were recently awarded the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship in geophysics or were nominated for an Honorable Mention.
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Recent Major EarthquakesRSS

May 12, 2015
Nepal - 7.3

May 7, 2015
Papua New Guinea - 7.1

May 5, 2015
Papua New Guinea - 7.5

April 25, 2015
Nepal - 7.8

March 29, 2015
Papua New Guinea - 7.5

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PASSCAL/Flex Array Experiments RSS

MT and Seismic at Okmok
Our goal is to image the entire volcanic system at Okmok caldera through use of seismic and magnetotelluric tomographic methods. Read more

We plan to deploy 5 short-period seismometers around an actively pumping injection well in Weld County, CO... Read more

Ross Ice Shelf Project
We aim to deploy 10 instrument passive array to monitor for ice shelf seismicity... Read more

2015 IAS
Imaging the Socorro Fault. Read more

Map of PASSCAL Experiments
Current and future experiments.

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