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Magnitude 7.0 - Southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge

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IRIS and UNAVCO Boards of Directors Submit ‘Guiding Principles’ Letter to NSF
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NSF Issues ‘Dear Colleague’ Letter About the SAGE and GAGE Recompetition
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Donate to the David Simpson Fund for Innovation
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IRIS and Latin American Network Operators Meet in Chile
IRIS recently partnered with the Chilean National Seismic Network to host a workshop in Santiago concluding efforts following the 2010 Maule earthquake.
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Data from Experiments Conducted by NNSA Team are Available from the IRIS Archive
Data from the National Nuclear Security Administration's “Source Physics Experiment” program are managed and openly distributed by IRIS Data Services.
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The San Andreas Movie - Perspectives from Seismologists
The blockbuster disaster movie, San Andreas, centers around the rescue of the main character's daughter following a huge rupture of California's best known fault. Find out what seismologists are saying.
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Hundreds of Sensors Deployed to Image Socorro Magma Body
PASSCAL staff assisted Principal Investigators with the installation of hundreds of sensors to image the Socorro Magma Body beneath the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge in central New Mexico.
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USArray Featured in Canada’s Leading Newspaper
The article in The Globe and Mail highlights how data from EarthScope seismic stations in the US and Canada are being used to better understand the structure of the North American continent.
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North Texas Earthquake Study
Recording earthquakes in North Texas in order to refine the locations and depths... Read more

AAA (triple A)
Four mini seismic arrays will be installed in Unalaska Island... Read more

DUGL Active Source
This is an active source piggyback experiment to be done in conjunction with the three-dimensional broadband array deployment at Homestake Mine in South Dakota... Read more

Sev Array
Continuous recording of Thumper signals in the Sevilleta Wilderness Area. Read more

Map of PASSCAL Experiments
Current and future experiments.

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