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Magnitude 7.1 - Molucca Sea

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Update from IRIS President Bob Detrick – September 2014
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Donate to the David Simpson Fund for Innovation
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Attend the IRIS Membership Meeting on Monday, December 15 in San Francisco
The Annual Membership Meeting will take place at the City Club of San Francisco. Please note that we are meeting at a different venue than previous years.
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IRIS Announces 2014 Slate of Candidates
The IRIS Nominations Committee has announced the slate of candidates to fill several positions on the Board of Directors. Information about the candidates and the upcoming Annual Membership Meeting of the IRIS Consortium is available here.
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Brian Stump, Past Chair of IRIS Board, Named AAAS Fellow
Seismologist Brian Stump is recognized for distinguished contributions to his field, particularly in the area of seismic monitoring in support of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty.
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Thorne Lay, Past Chair of IRIS Board, Receives Honor from SSA
Seismologist Thorne Lay has been selected to receive the Harry Fielding Reid Medal from the Seismological Society of America for his research accomplishments and service to the scientific community.
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IRIS Mourns the Passing of Renowned Geophysicist J. Freeman Gilbert
J. Freeman Gilbert, a pioneer in applying modern computational tools to seismic problems, was one of the founding Directors of IRIS and was elected to the first Executive Committee of the Board. He was a wonderful colleague who will be sorely missed.
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Science Magazine Highlights Passive Megasurveys
The potential of passive surveys using dense arrays of seismometers is reported in the 14 August 2014 issue.
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IRIS Data Services Sponsors 8th Data Management Workshop in Bogotá, Colombia
About 35 participants from 18 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean met July 26-31, for a six-day Data Services workshop in Bogotá, Colombia.
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Recent Major EarthquakesRSS

November 15, 2014
Molucca Sea - 7.1

November 1, 2014
Fiji - 7.1

October 14, 2014
Offshore El Salvador - 7.3

October 9, 2014
Southern East Pacific Rise - 7.1

August 24, 2014
San Francisco Bay Area - 6.0

Full Lists of Recent Earthquakes USGS

PASSCAL/Flex Array Experiments RSS

2014 IBD
The IRIS Interns will deploy three BB sensors behind the PIC and leave them deployed for ~5 days. Read more

Temporary deployment of 5 - 6 short period stations to record and better locate the swarm of earthquakes that have been occurring since an M 5... Read more

Ross Ice Shelf (RIS)
We will deploy 18 autonomous broadband seismographs provided by the IRIS PASSCAL program for two continuous years on the Ross Ice Shelf (RIS) between Ross Island and MBL to constrain the mantle structure and dynamics of the Ross Sea Embayment... Read more

Mongolia 2
Waiting for Meltzer to supply updated description. Read more

Map of PASSCAL Experiments
Current and future experiments.

EarthScope / USArray Status

USArray Map
Earthscope Click the map above for a more detailed view.

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