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Magnitude 7.9 - Papua New Guinea

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2016 Board of Directors Election Results
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Update from IRIS President Bob Detrick - Fall 2016
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IRIS Issues Strategic Plan
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Donate to the David Simpson Fund for Innovation
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IRIS Releases LASSO (Latest Assessment of Seismic Station Observations)
LASSO, developed by Instrumental Software Technologies Inc. in conjunction with IRIS Instrumentation Services, is a client to load, display, sort, rank, and export the measurements of quality produced by MUSTANG.
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IRIS Manager Bob Busby Discusses the Transportable Array on “Don’t Panic Geocast”
During this hour-long podcast, Bob Busby describes a wide range of topics pertaining to the Transportable Array deployment in the Lower 48 and Alaska.
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Transportable Array Demonstrates its New Drilling Rig and Sensor Emplacement Routine
A third-generation lightweight air rotary drill system was recently tested at the IRIS PASSCAL Instrument Center. This custom, high-performance drill is helicopter portable and can make a shallow hole in any type of ground, including solid rock, frost-shattered overburden, cobbles and frozen soils.
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Visit the IRIS Special Event Page for More Information about the M7.8 New Zealand Earthquake
Direct links to and images of data and materials available from IRIS programs and preliminary research results from the seismology community are provided. The page is updated when new information is contributed.
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Recent Major EarthquakesRSS

January 22, 2017
Papua New Guinea - 7.9

January 10, 2017
Philippines - 7.3

December 25, 2016
Southern Chile - 7.6

December 17, 2016
Papua New Guinea - 7.9

December 8, 2016
Solomon Islands - 7.7

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