Instrumentation Services Standing Committee

Current Members

Pavlis, Gary (Chair) Indiana University
Lekic, Vedran University of Maryland
Okaya, David University of Southern California
Park, Jeffrey (Ex officio) Yale University
Russo, Ray University of Florida
Trehu, Anne Oregon State University
Wagner, Lara (Ex officio) Carnegie Institution for Science/DTM
Wolfe, Cecily (Ex officio) US Geological Survey
West, Mike (Board Liaison) University of Alaska, Fairbanks
Woodward, Bob IRIS-Director of Instrumentation Services

Committee Charge

The Instrumentation Services Standing Committee is charged with providing advice to the IRIS Board of Directors, IRIS President, and the Director of Instrumentation Services on IRIS Instrumentation Services activities. The Committee will identify crosscutting instrumentation needs and services, develop activities and initiatives across Instrumentation Services programs, and ensure effective and efficient use of resources. The committee will undertake strategic planning to ensure the best use of existing resources and to identify future needs and opportunities. The committee will work with the Data Services, Education and Public Outreach, and International Development to coordinate instrumentation services activities and efforts with other components of IRIS.

The Committee will meet as needed, but no less than twice per year, and will provide an annual written report to the IRIS President and Board of Directors. Additionally, the Committee may be charged with reviewing special topics and questions requiring prompt action. Members of the Committee are appointed by the Board of Directors and serve renewable three-­‐year terms. The chair will be chosen from members of IS SC having served at least one year during the past three years.

Action Items