Program Coordinating Committee (CoCom)

Current Members

Abers, Geoff (Chair) Cornell University
Stump, Brian (DS)       Southern Methodist University
Shillington, Donna (BOD Rep) Columbia University/LDEO   
Park, Jeffrey (GSN) Yale University
Nyblade, Andy (BOD Rep) Pennsylvania State University
Meltzer, Anne (IDS)  Lehigh University
John Louie (EPO) University of Nevada, Reno
Wagner Lara (PASSCAL) Carnegie Institution foe Science/DTM
Pavlis, Gary (IS) Indiana University, Bloomington
Sheehan, Anne University of Colorado, Boulder
Detrick, Bob IRIS-President
Ahern, Timothy IRIS-DS
Anderson, Kent IRIS-PAS
Evers, Brent IRIS-OBSIP
Frassetto, Andy IRIS-IDS
Hafner, Katrin IRIS-GSN
Morris, Robin IRIS-Cost Coordinator
Taber, John IRIS-EPO
Woodward, Bob IRIS-IS
Woolley, Robert IRIS-Program Support


Committee Charge

The IRIS Coordinating Committee (CoCom) coordinates activities between core programs
across IRIS, including the assessment of services, exploration of new initiatives and integration 
of budgets. CoCom should optimize the efforts of the Board of Directors by
coordinating some aspects of governance, and does not replace any responsibilities of the
Board of Directors. As the Board of Directors identifies and articulates priorities, CoCom helps 
align resources with these priorities, ensures coordination of efforts across IRIS,
identifies ways to enhance scientific effectiveness, encourage interactions, and look for economies 
of scale in IRIS operations. Specifically,

•   CoCom coordinates communication between individual Standing Committees and the Board of 
Directors. This task includes review of regular reports from IRIS governance committees, collating 
queries and other high-priority items, and other mechanisms that aid the Board to effectively 
engage with all IRIS components. All original committee reports presented to CoCom are provided to 
the Board.

•   As part of the annual budget cycle, CoCom will develop an integrated IRIS budget for review and 
action by the Board of Directors, based on input from Programs and Senior Management. It provides a 
forum for disseminating and discussing regular budgetary guidance from the Board, and for 
coordinating long-term budget

•   CoCom coordinates the management of annual budget variances, if any, based on information from 
Senior Management and guidance from the Board of Directors.

•   CoCom has responsibility for ensuring that International Development Seismology activities are 
addressed and integrated across IRIS programs and service.

•   CoCom works with Instrumentation Services to ensure that Advisory Committees within that 
Directorate have clear communication with the Board of Directors.

The Coordinating Committee shall be chaired by the Vice Chair of the Board of Directors and consist 
of the IRIS President, The Director of Program Support and Special Projects, Project Cost 
Coordinator; the Directors and Standing Committee Chairs of Instrumentation Services, Data 
Services, and Education and Public Outreach; and the Program/Project Managers and Governance 
Committee Chairs of International Development Seismology, GSN, PASSCAL and OBSIP. The Board of 
Directors shall appoint two members-at-large chosen from the Board with terms of up to three years. 
The Program Coordination Committee shall meet at least twice a year, either in person or virtually, 
typically after Standing Committee meetings but before Board of Directors meetings.
Approved by IRIS BoD: _1/24/17

Action Items