Program Coordinating Committee (CoCom)

Current Members

Abers, Geoff (Chair) Cornell University
Miller, Kate (BOD Rep)          Texas A&M University
McGuire, Jeff (BOD Rep) Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution   
Aster, Rick (DS) Colorado State University
Beck, Susan (IDS) University of Arizona
Forsyth, Don (OMO) Brown University
Moran, Seth (PASSCAL) USGS, Cascadia Volcano Observatory
Nettles, Meredith (GSN) Columbia University/LDEO
Schutt, Derek (EPO) Colorado State University
Ahern, Timothy IRIS
Anderson, Kent IRIS
Busby, Robert IRIS
Evers, Brent IRIS
Shin, Candy IRIS
Taber, John IRIS
Trabant, Chad IRIS
Willemann, Ray IRIS
Woodward, Bob IRIS
Woolley, Robert IRIS

CoCom Standing Committee webpage (committee use only - password required)

Committee Charge

The IRIS Program Coordination Committee is charged with coordinating core programs and developing an integrated IRIS budget for review and action by the Board of Directors. As part of this process, the Program Coordination Committee should identify ways to enhance scientific effectiveness, encourage interactions, and look for economies of scale in IRIS operations. Program Coordination Committee activities are expected to result in improved coordination and cooperation of the core programs and optimized development and use of IRIS resources.

The Program Coordination Committee shall be chaired by the Vice Chair of the Board of Directors and consist of the IRIS President, Director of Project Administration, Director of Finance and Administration, USArray Director, Program Managers, and the Chairs of the Program Standing Committees. The Board of Directors shall appoint a member-at-large chosen from the Board with terms of up to three years. The Program Coordination Committee shall meet at least twice a year.