passcal Committee positions from year 2017

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Last NameNameInstitutionComm.RollSinceUntil
Magnani Beatrice Southern Methodist Univesity PASSCAL Member 2017 2019
Schmandt Brandon University of New Mexico PASSCAL Member 2017 2019
Beaudoin Bruce Passcal-NMT PASSCAL Observer 2005 Present
Shillington Donna Columbia University, LDEO PASSCAL Board Liaison 2017 2019
Christensen Doug University of Alaska, Fairbanks PASSCAL Member 2015 2017
Kaip Galen The University of Texas, El Paso PASSCAL Observer 2017 Present
Abers Geoffrey Cornell University PASSCAL Board Liaison 2015 2017
Walter Jake The University of Texas, Austin PASSCAL Member 2015 2017
Allstadt Kate US Geological Survey, Golden PASSCAL Member 2016 2018
Anderson Kent IRIS PASSCAL Progr. Manager 2015 Present
Wagner Lara Carnegie Institution of Science, DTM PASSCAL Chair 2015 2017
Leidig Mark Weston Geophysical Corporation PASSCAL Member 2015 2017
Aster Rick Colorado State University PASSCAL Ex Officio 2015 Present
Harder Steve The University of Texas, El Paso PASSCAL Observer 2005 Present
Holbrook Steve Wyoming University PASSCAL Member 2016 2018
Bilek Susan New Mexico Tech PASSCAL Observer 2014 Present
Schwartz Susan University of California, Santa Cruz PASSCAL Member 2016 2018