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EMC-ContributionGuide IRIS EMC - Model Contribution Guidelines

EMC, as a repository of the Earth models, provides research community with access to various tomographic models, visualization tools for model preview and access to the contributed processing software and scripts.

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EMC-DNA09 Earth model DNA09

DNA09, Obrebski, Allen, Xue & Hung (2010) , model is obtained through the body wave finite frequency tomographic inversion of the available EarthScope-USArray data recorded from January 2006 to July 2009.

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EMC-HMSL-S06 Earth model HMSL-S06

HMSL-S06, Houser et al. (2008) , is an isotropic shear velocity model with 18 layers (approximately 100 km thickness in the upper mantle and 200 km in the lower mantle) and 2578 blocks in each layer (approximately 4 degree equal area blocks at the equator).

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EMC-QRLW8 A global upper mantle shear wave attenuation model

A degree 8 3-D Q model of the upper mantle by Gung and Romanowicz (2004) , derived from three component surface waveform data in the period range of 60-400 seconds. Model is parameterized in spherical harmonics for lateral variations and cubic b-splines for depth dependence up to maximum spherical harmonics degree 16 horizontally for the SV-velocity model and 8 for the Q model with the use of 16 B-splines vertically (throughout the mantle). The velocity model is expressed as perturbations from the spherically symmetric model PREM .

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