IRIS EMC Model Velocity Trend Viewer 
The IRIS EMC Model Velocity Trend Viewer plots velocity values for a selected model as a function of depth at up to 4 locations (latitude-longitude pairs). Horizontal-axis shows the percent velocity perturbation. If a requested location does not fall on a model grid point, then the values for that location are derived from the 3 closest grid points using simple inverse distance weighting. If necessary, a simple inverse distance weighting is also used to interpolate profile's end depth points.

Use the companion interactive Google Map to select the points and see the area covered by the selected model. To further refine the plot on your computer, Download the Generic Mapping Tools (GMT) script and data values used to generate the image. The download links will appear under the image.

Velocity Trends
point A
latitude longitude    color     

point B
latitude longitude    color     

point C
latitude longitude    color     

point D
latitude longitude    color:     
horizontal axis min.   max.    tick    label 
vertical axis min.   max.    tick    label 
show data points:
valid area limits and a model are required for the submit buttom to become active
valid area limits and a model are required for the submit button to become active
 Notes • images will be removed after 7 days •  area covered by the selected model is shown in green • move the map markers to set the corresponding latitude and longitude values of the above form