IRIS EMC Generalized X-section Viewer 

The IRIS EMC Generalized X-section Viewer displays a vertical slice throgh a selected Earth model along a great circle path with given start and end points. The quantity contoured depends on the selected model. The velocity values along the requested profile are derived from the model grid points using bicubic interpolation. The horizontal axis is the distance in km from the start point and the vertical axis is depth below the surface. Users may further refine the plot on their own computer by downloading the Generic Mapping Tools (GMT) script, images and data values used for generating the image. The download links will appear under the image.

Users also have the option of additing the following auxiliary data to the section by checking the corresponding menu boxes:
     topography based on the ETOPO5 elevation data
       N largest events within ±0.5°("N" defined by user) from the IRIS database (
   – – Slab1.0, a three-dimensional compilation of global subduction geometries, separated into regional models for each major subduction zone.
     Hayes, G. P., D. J. Wald, and R. L. Johnson (2012), Slab1.0: A three-dimensional model of global subduction zone geometries,
          J. Geophys. Res., 117, B01302, doi:10.1029/2011JB008524.

    The slab line(s), if present, represents projection of slab(s) ( onto the profile
     plate boundaries based on the information available from
     volcano locations based on
     stations from the IRIS database ( Stations are located witin ±0.1° from the profile
  - - - velocity regions of the selected reference velocity model

Users may use the companion interactive Google Map to select the profile of interest and see the area coverage for the selected model.

Earth model
lock settings (to avoid loading default settings when changing the model)
default settings are loaded for each new model as long as they are not modified
Projection [?]
Centre (longitude,latitude): Parallels:    S:     N:
rectangle?: horizon (< 90):
Note: you also could use the & markers on the map to set the start and end of the section respectively
left  latitude °   longitude ° profile spacing (km)
right  latitude °    longitude °
grid spacing X(km) grid spacing Y(km)
depth (km)  min.   max.  vertical exaggeration
extreme colors: [◙ < min.   > max.  no value]    saturate min./max. colors
section color palette  reverse colors   label 
    annotation interval

                     - - -      
largest events
  Slab1.0 & plate
  stations, within ±0.1°   regions       
expect possible longer processing time due to event search
 Notes • images will be removed after 7 days •  area covered by the selected model is shown in green • move the map markers to set the corresponding latitude and longitude values in the above form